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Brampton’s Attorney For Fraud Charges

Dhindsa Law is known for winning good resolution for its clients. If you want acquitted of fraud charges and need professional help to deal with them, you are in the right place.


Are you accused of fraud charges?

Anyone charged with this crime knows that your life has taken a turn for the worse. It is especially true if you are facing federal charges or prison time due to your actions.

So, you still have options available to excuse yourself of the charges. We know how overwhelming you feel to face criminal charges in Brampton, but our lawyer at Dhindsa Law is here for you at every step when dealing with criminal law. He can help guide you through these difficult times.

He practice in all kinds of crimes such as securities fraud, fraud over 5000, embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering, and more! We will serve on your case to get the best possible outcome for you!

Do not hesitate from taking action now because every minute is valuable for you! No matter where you are located in Brampton, Ontario, call us today, your criminal defense attorney before it's too late! Trust us because no one will fight harder than us for your case!

Conditions When You Are Laid Under Section 380(1):

You have deprived someone of money greater than $5000 or something of higher value. (Giving a risk of loss to the person)

  • You did the act intentionally, causing panic to the claimant.
  • You caused deprivation by false pretense.
  • You did the fraud using your wit.
  • You acted to be blind willfully to yield loss.
  • The value of the fraud charges will determine your penalty.

So if your case falls in any of these categories, without hesitation, seek assistance from Mr. Navdeep Dhindsa. We will try to ensure that you are excused of all charges through diversion depending upon your case.

Fraud Charges Under Section 380 Of The Canadian Criminal Code:

i) the duration, magnitude of the planning, and the complexity of the fraud was crucial;

ii) the crime adversely affected or had the potential of adverse effect on the economy or the financial system of the Canadian market;

iii) the crime was against a large number of victims, and it impacted them personally such as health, age, or finance;

iv) when committing the crime, the offender took benefit of the high value in which the lawbreaker was in the area;

v) the felon did not comply with the license or the professional standard that is usually applicable: plus they tried to destroy the records concerning the fraud or disbursement of the proceeds.

If you have lost hope that you cannot resolve your case, then let us handle it. We are aware of the seriousness. Thus, we can help or try to dismiss after practical and reasonable negotiation. So, our purpose is to save you from a criminal record.

Get in touch with an experienced attorney for trial and excuse yourself from the fraud charges. Navdeep Dhindsa is available for suggestions and assistance!

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