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Assault Lawyer in Brampton, Ontario

Are You Looking For A Assault Lawyer In Brampton Or In The Surrounding Areas Who Will Fight To Protect Your Rights?

You’ve come to the right place. At Dhindsa Law, we help people charged with all kinds of criminal offenses whether it is a simple assault or an aggravated assault. Our lawyer can help make sure your voice is heard and your rights protected in court. Call us today for a consultation with our experienced assault lawyer Navdeep Dhindsa.

Dhindsa Law is committed to providing quality legal services while maintaining high ethical standards and integrity throughout all aspects of practice. We will fight hard for what’s right – not only because it's our job but also because we believe in doing what is best for each client every time they walk through our doors. When you choose Dhindsa Law as your Assault Attorney in Brampton, Ontario, rest assured knowing that you are getting our best advice and representation!


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Assault is the most basic form of violence, and our criminal lawyer defends these charges. There are three ways that an assault may occur: physical contact, words with threats, or promises to inflict harm if they aren't carried out (called "threats"). It's important to know what your rights are and how to defend a case in court. Since the inception of our law firm, we've been dealing with such offenses, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

The offense of assault is set out in s.265 of the criminal code of Canada. It is the most basic offense of violence. Our criminal lawyer mostly defends these charges. 

Offense Wording Under Criminal Code

Punishment for assault s.266 is a serious criminal offense and can result in imprisonment, or even the threat of incarceration. An individual who commits an indictable offense may face years' imprisonment while those found guilty on summary charges could be fined instead with prison sentences and monetary fine or both. 

Assault With A Weapon Or Causing Bodily Harm

There is significant punishment associated with assaulting another person. The sentences include imprisonment up to years, or an offense punishable on summary conviction depending upon the severity of your crime and whether it was committed indictably (a serious charge) versus merely summarily; there are also various other factors that can determine jurisdiction such as age difference between victimizer/assaulter(s), weapons used during commission etcetera that need consideration when determining the overall criminality level.

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