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Legal Help For Dangerous Driving/Driving Offenses

Dhindsa law has defended the charges laid on its client because of dangerous driving. You will be happy to collaborate with us after discovering our name in the industry. 

So, if you are charged with dangerous driving, contact Navdeep Dhindsa for consultations and trials in court. With our help, you can avoid jail time or criminal records.


Charges Laid On The Offender For Dangerous Driving:

Dangerous driving is a severe criminal misdeed that carries heavy consequences. You could be facing up to years in prison if convicted of dangerous driving under the Criminal Code of Canada.

But there could be defenses available, and our lawyer will fight for your rights so that you can save yourself from harsh penalties.

We want the best for our client. Therefore we charge modest fees with a payment plan ! Our experienced lawyer know how to get results, and he will do everything possible to defend your rights in court.

Dangerous Driving Under Section 320.13:

The Canadian Criminal Code states that it is illegal to drive in a way that endangers other people. It is a severe criminal activity. If you are charged with a violation, hiring an experienced lawyer will ensure your rights are protected through every stage of proceedings, from arrest until trial.

Dangerous Driving Under Section 320 Of The Canadian Criminal Code:

Dangerous operation:

320.13(1) Anyone who commits an offense while irresponsibly driving a vehicle, having regard to all the situation, is dangerous to the public;

Operation causing bodily harm:

Everyone commits an offense when operating a conveyance regarding all the factors that are endangering to the populace and, as a result, causes bodily injury to another person;

Operation causing death:

When driving a conveyance, you commit an offense, knowing all the circumstances, and it is dangerous for the pedestrian, as a result leading to the death of a person is a punishable crime.

Moreover, anyone convicted of criminal negligence causing death will have to face charges such as; one-year suspension of the license for the first time convict, length of time increases substantially, lifetime ban, and subsequent convictions.

The court will lay penalties on you as determined by the outcome of dangerous driving. And, once you are convicted, the criminal record will be etched for more than ten years. Therefore, if you wish to be free from the charges, it is necessary to have an expert legal counsel.

A criminal lawyer may help free you from the burden of charges, so you do not have to pay the penalty or suffer from a criminal record in your name. Therefore, please book your appointment with Dhindsa Law for guidance.

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