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Bail allows a person charged with committing a crime to be out of jail while he awaits trial or the matter be resolved by a guilty plea. If bail is granted the court imposes conditions to be followed by an accused, any breach of which may lead to an additional criminal charge and an immediate arrest of the accused. In most of the less serious crimes an accused is released by Police without a Bail Hearing on undertaking to appear in the criminal court.

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The surety is a person who promises to the court to supervise the accused released on bail. He also promises the sum of money for the release of the accused which is called recognizance and is obligated to pay this amount to the court if accused breaches the conditions of bail. For serious offenses or where there are chances of the accused to abscond or he doesn’t have permanent ties to Canada, or accused lives outside of Ontario, or lives 200 km from the place he is in Jail, the accused may be asked to deposit the money in advance with the court as a condition of release.


Surety eligibility


A surety can be an adult Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and must not have a criminal record. If a person has a minor criminal record, he may be eligible to act as surety. The victim of an alleged offense cannot be a surety. For example, in domestic violence charges an accused’s spouse or partner cannot act as surety.


Change of surety


A surety can be changed with the court's approval. A person can stop acting as surety by informing the court and prosecutor, in such case the accused needs to surrender to the police and will go to jail again and there will be a new bail hearing, and if the accused do not surrender

there will be an arrest warrant.


Bail Variation


Conditions for initial Bail may be changed in agreement with the prosecutor and if the prosecutor does not agree in such a case accused can move to a court for a bail variation.  


Don’t have Surety

An accused who does not have surety may be released on his or her “own recognizance” without a surety and if released he or she may be asked to report regularly to the Police or organization which supervises the accused. A person who does not have surety can apply to the following organization for supervision:


These organizations offer supervision for the accused in situations where the accused do not have a surety to supervise him.


A person charged with committing a crime may be held for a bail hearing or may be released on an appearance notice or on the undertaking by the police officer with a promise to appear in a criminal court on a particular date which is called the first appearance date. It is the date to collect the disclosure from the court.

It is advisable to retain a criminal lawyer before your first appearance who can expedite the resolution of your criminal case.

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