Navdeep Dhindsa, the principal lawyer of Dhindsa Law, is called to the Bar in Ontario and India. Navdeep’s passion, dedication, and perseverance in advocating for his clients make him a valuable counsel for those who need competent legal services in criminal, family, and civil litigation matters. He prides himself in providing quality legal services by breaking the language barriers with his clients speaking English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. Being a multilingual it helps him to understand his clients more and he tries to live up to their reasonable expectations bringing positive legal outcomes for his clients..


Dhindsa Law's Orangeville criminal lawyer Navdeep Dhindsa has an innovative problem-solving approach in finding legal solutions for all kind of criminal matters, providing his clients the best possible defenses for Domestic assault charges, Impaired Driving (DUI) offenses, Drug Possession charges, Assault charges, Sexual assault charges, Theft, Mischief, Break & Enter, Fraud and more.

Dhindsa Law carries a social conscience to recognize that people in need of legal services do not often have the financial resources to pay lawyer’s hourly rate. We have discount available for you and payment plans so that legal fees won’t become a hindrance to retain a competent legal Criminal defense attorney.


If you, your friend or family member is charged, or arrested for criminal offence call Orangeville Criminal Lawyer Navdeep Dhindsa at 437 998 1429. We will help you for the Bail hearing and to the day of final resolution of your criminal case.

Orangeville Criminal Lawyer Navdeep Dhindsa
Barrister & Solicitor 

Orangeville Criminal Lawyer Navdeep Dhindsa is available 24×7 hours for initial consultations to help anyone requiring legal representation in any urgent criminal matter.

Dhindsa Law's specialized Orangeville criminal lawyers have an innovative problem-solving approach in finding legal solutions for all cases and carry a social conscience to recognize that people in need of legal services do not often have the financial resources to pay the heavy lawyers hourly rate.

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Orangeville Criminal Lawyer Services

If you are facing criminal charges, we can assist you. We offer legal representation to clients charged with any criminal offense and can assist you from the moment of arrest through to resolution. We are flexible and can meet with clients even at the detention center. We accept legal aid certificate.

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Orangeville Family Lawyer Services

At Dhindsa Law, we value each other and our clients as a family does. This value prompts us to approach each Family Law case with care and attention. We don’t just offer a listening ear but provide you with experienced legal advice and services.

We understand that each case is unique, and we strive to design ideal solutions based on the nature and circumstances of each case.

Reviewing the Laws


I recently needed some legal advice, so I sought out Mr. Dhindsa is an excellent attorney that has helped my family several times over the past few years with legal advice on many things both in and out of his areas of expertise. He is reliable, straight-forward and is always able to assist in some manner. If you are looking for an attorney you can trust, I suggest you use Mr. Dhindsa

—  Pooja Rani