Fees & Payment

Our initial consultations are always complimentary. Book a free consultation today. For urgent consultations, and legal matters requiring immediate attention please contact us. 

Criminal Law Fees

How much my defense will cost ?

For criminal matters, we generally bill on flat fees which depends upon the complexity of case and charges involved.​

Do I need to pay the total fees upfront?


No, we understand an immediate legal cost in thousands can cause immense pain to a person who got caught in a criminal justice system. Based upon your initial retainer and total fees quoted we can arrange a schedule for fee payment in installments.​


What is the process to retain a lawyer?


First schedule a meeting at our office and following the initial consultation, should you agree to retain us, you will be requested to provide initial retainer fee to start the work on your file. You will be requested to provide all the documentation relating to your charges and any relevant documents which can solidify your case. The initial retainer fee will be adjusted in the total fee which you will pay in instalments.


Do I need to pay disbursement costs and HST?


Harmonized Sales Tax and disbursements, are payable in addition to our fee and will be shown in our invoices as separate amounts. HST is payable by the client in addition to fees as we are required to pay the collected amount to the government.  

Family Law Fees

Flat fee or hourly rate for my case?


We bill flat fee for the following which depends upon the complexity of the issues:


Uncontested Divorce 

- Uncontested Separation Agreement

- Uncontested Parenting Agreement 

- Marriage agreements

- Cohabitation agreements

We bill all contested family law matters on an hourly rate basis. 

Contested family matters are always billed on hourly basis. You have to deposit the initial retainer with us in our trust account and we will bill you according to the number of hours spent on your case.


Do I need to pay HST & Disbursement costs?

In addition to fees there will also be an HST payable on our fees which we need to deposit to the government and apart from this there will be disbursements payable along with the fees. For example: court fees, server fees, courier costs, photocopying, etc. All these costs will be separately mentioned to you in your invoice.