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Our law office’s criminal lawyer has experience in handling different assault charges, including assault simplicitor, assault with weapon, assault with chocking, assault causing bodily harm, domestic assault and aggravated assault. If you are charged with any kind of assault contact our domestic assault criminal lawyer in Brampton & Mississauga for criminal lawyer services.

The assault occurring between two individuals who are living in an intimate relationship is termed as domestic assault. On formal complaint to the police, an officer in charge interviews the victim of domestic assault and witnesses to the offense to find out the allegations, and if he feels that an alleged offense has been committed the Police lay charges of domestic assault against the person accused of committing such offense.

Domestic assault lawyer brampton

A minor fight in the family may lead to criminal charges and can create considerable problems for the accused charged for domestic assault. No-contact order from the court forces the accused to move out of the house, and if children are staying with the complainant it leads to child custody and access problems. The criminal charges may harm the accused’s position in family law matter as well, the individual has to rely on an independent third party for access to kids. This problem may further escalate the family dispute leading to the permanent separation of parties resulting in divorce.


Sometimes in family violence and domestic assault matters complainant wants to reunite with the accused, and wants the withdrawal of charges and no-contact order removed but once the charges are made against the accused the complainant is a mere witness to the case and the crown prosecutor takes the control of criminal proceedings and continues the prosecution even when the complainant wants the withdrawal of charges. A successful prosecution can be carried forward even if the victim no longer willingly participates in the criminal proceedings. The criminal matter is not a private matter like a civil case where you can settle at your terms. A crime is against a whole society not only against a single individual, and the government has a right to prosecute the accused to bring him to justice. The complainants who want the withdrawal of charges should consult a criminal lawyer for independent legal advice or independent legal representation who may find the best possible solution to their problem.


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